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Melbourne’s best range of bluestone tiles at the lowest prices.


Melbourne’s best range of bluestone tiles at the lowest prices.


Achieve a modern finish with our stylish and functional pool copers.


Sourced from premium quarries worldwide, our bluestone tiles provide an exceptional finish that is perfect for both commercial and residential projects.

We have an exceptional product selection of bluestone pavers that range from standard grade to premium finishes.

Whether it be indoor or outdoor tiling, our durable, versatile bluestone is guaranteed to impress and exceed your expectations.

Bluestone Pavers Melbourne are the experts that homeowners turn to when they’re looking for a professional tiling solution for their outdoor space.

With over 35 years of experience in paving and tiles, we stock a premium range of bluestone pavers that include Harkaway, European, Chinese and Midnight Blue that are sourced from high-quality natural stone.

Our collection of bluestone pavers come in a variety of different finishes and patterns, posing versatility for any outdoor application – whether it be to form pathways, draw attention to your aesthetic pool area or any other outdoor space.

We also stock cheap Chinese bluestone pavers as a cost-effective solution to other pavers which contains a higher portion of cat’s paw. You can fill in these natural blemishes with grout to give your pavers a sleeker and more refined finish, although some homeowners prefer the elegant spurts of cat’s paw and leave them open as nature intended.

All of our bluestone pavers are credited with non-slip qualities and are colour-consistent to help create a uniform look, making them the ideal tile choice for indoor and outdoor environments.

If you’re in the market for bluestone tiles, it makes sense to go with a Melbourne based bluestone supplier, sourced from renowned worldwide and local quarries.

As paving professionals, we understand the importance of using the highest-quality materials to achieve the best results for your project.

Bluestone is one of Australia’s most popular natural stones to use for paving applications, not only because of its stunning, rich tones, but also for its extreme durability, capable of handling the most temperamental climates. Bluestone is adept at withstanding hot summers and harsh winters due to its high density, stain resistance and salt tolerance.

We also have matching pool coping tiles to help create the perfect, seamless look for your pool area. Pools are often the focal point that helps tie your backyard together, so choosing bluestone tiles that make a statement is a must for Melbourne residents.

If you’re looking for a more rustic look, consider using bluestone stepping stones. These stepping stones are excellent at creating a visual flair for your backyard, given their unique and uneven edges.

When it comes to choosing bluestone flooring tiles for your home, Bluestone is revered for its timeless finish and rich, alluring tones that easily conform and match any landscape design.

If you’re considering using bluestone pavers for your next home renovation or commercial project, feel free to get in touch with our experts here at Bluestone Pavers Melbourne, who can walk you through the process of selection and the benefits of using Bluestone as your tiling solution.

With the best range of bluestone pavers Melbourne has to offer, we’re confident you’ll be able to find a paving solution to meet the needs of your project.

We’ve been delivering bluestone and other natural stone pavers to homes across Melbourne, regional areas such as Geelong, Thomastown and Victoria wide for over 35 years, so when it comes to helping homeowners select the right pavers for their home, we stand alone.

As a bluestone supplier of high-quality natural stone tiles, it allows for an easier decision-making process regarding your desired finish, colour scheme and weather considerations of your outdoor area.

It is no surprise that bluestone is Australia’s leading choice in natural stone pavers, so if you’re looking to incorporate a contemporary finish to your home by using the finest bluestone tiles, feel free to contact us and we’ll get you on your way.

We understand the need for affordable luxury, which is why our prices are simply unrivalled by industry competitors and won’t be beaten.

For the most comprehensive range of bluestone wall cladding, bluestone pavers and pool pavers, choose Bluestone Pavers Melbourne.

Our reputation speaks for itself, with over 35 years of providing homeowners all across Victoria and metro Melbourne with the highest quality bluestone tiles on offer.

We are backed by countless testimonials and happy customers, who have turned to Bluestone pavers Melbourne for the finest natural stone for almost 4 decades.

When it comes to achieving an aesthetic, desired finish it makes sense to back a reputable, local and trusted warehouse supplier.

Our stone experts have travelled through quarries worldwide to bring our customers bluestone that is renowned for its quality and durability.

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