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European Bluestone Pool Coping Arris (Square Edge)



Our standard grade European Bluestone Arris Edge Pool Coping is offered in a wide range of different sizes. This bluestone pool coping tile is a fantastic choice for those who want the Bluestone look at a cost-effective price.

European Bluestone is internationally recognised to be of a higher calibre of stone. It is similar in colour and texture to Australian Bluestone with a sawn surface finish achieving a higher non-slip level. For pool coping, we offer 20mm thick pavers.

Please expect a dimensional or thickness variation of +-3mm, it is for this reason that we recommend laying with an 8mm grout joint. These pavers have a non-slip surface with lightly tumbled edges.

European Bluestone like Australian bluestone will have occasional light saw marks and will have naturally occurring organic catspaw (covering between 5%-25% of any tiles surface). If you do prefer your bluestone pavers without the cat’s paw look, you can fill them in when grouting using matching grout to achieve a more refined finish.

We do not recommend acid washing on ANY natural stone as it can lead to surface burns and discoloration where the acid has reacted adversely with minerals present in the stone.

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This budget-friendly Bluestone is highly popular for those who are after that Bluestone look, without the crazy price tag. It is internationally recognised as natural stone of a high caliber. It is similar in colour and texture to Australian Bluestone with a sawn surface finish achieving a higher non-slip level.

European bluestone pavers comes in the light greyish colours, highlighted with lightening textures and catspaws on the surface. The most astonishing feature of the European bluestone is the beautiful consistency in surface colour, unlike other bluestone pavers. European bluestone contains around 20-40% catspaws on the surface. It is awarded with the highest non-slippery rating in a survey conducted by Bluestone Pavers Organisation.

As the name suggests, the European bluestone pavers are exported from Europe and nowadays, it is gaining popularity in Australia because of it gorgeous, light-grayish texture and classic look around swimming pools and outdoor pavers.

Why choose European Bluestone Arris Edge for your Pool?


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Additional information

Sizes & Prices

1000x500x20mm $46.20, 1000x500x30mm $49.50, 400x400x20mm $18.70, 400x400x30mm $19.80, 500x500x20mm $26.40, 500x500x30mm $28.20, 600x300x20mm $20.90, 600x300x30mm $22, 800x400x20mm $29.20, 800x400x30mm $31.90

Sealing & Maintenance

Sealing Bluestone

Bluestone tiles and pavers can be sealed as a peace of mind to ensure bluestone stays in pristine condition. It’s highly recommended particularly in areas where there may be high spillage to protect the lustre of the bluestone tiles and pavers.

If you choose not to seal your tiles, make sure you clean up spills immediately to avoid staining the tiles. Use only a penetrating invisible type sealer (no colour change) similar to Tasman Chemicals STONE SHIELD and ALWAYS follow the sealer manufacturers instructions when applying. We stock a FULL range of suitable sealers.


Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause minerals present in the stone to react adversely.To clean prior to sealing simply pressure wash the stone and ensure nozzle is never closer than 300mm to the surface of the stone.


Just sweep when needed. Bluestone responds well to high pressure cleaning with a domestic machine, please keep the nozzle about 300mm minimum away from face of the bluestone pavers and tiles. A solution of mild detergent and water can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.

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