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Sourced from premium quarries worldwide, our bluestone tiles provide an exceptional finish that is perfect for both commercial and residential projects.

We have an exceptional product selection of bluestone pavers that range from standard grade to premium finishes.

Whether it be indoor or outdoor tiling, our durable, versatile bluestone is guaranteed to impress and exceed your expectations.

Bluestone is one of the densest and hard-wearing natural stones for outdoor paving. One of the reasons why homeowners choose bluestone pavers over artificial pavers is its dark and stunning tones. Bluestone is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to create a contemporary and sophisticated garden. To create a visual connection between pool and pavers, you could add bullnose bluestone pavers around your swimming pool. When it comes to pool coping and driveway paving, finishing plays an integral part in completing the look. Whether you want to create a modern deck or retain the old, rustic charm, the dark and cold tones of bluestone make it a brilliant material for all kinds of landscapes and pool coping applications.

The palette you use around the pool must match the overall landscape of your outdoor space. Besides that, pool water contains chlorine which can erode certain types of pavers. Concrete, bricks, and other man-made pavers cannot survive the chemical damage caused by chlorine. These pavers also do not contain non-slip properties when wet, making it an unsafe choice for pool areas. The non-slip surface of the bluestone pool coping tiles can endure water and weather damage and will give your space a unique and flawless look.

Using pool coping helps create a physical connection with your pool and the rest of the deck. It helps create a uniform and structured edging around the pool, making it safe to walk around and for families with pets and children. When it comes to selecting a suitable pool coping paver, homeowners need to be cautious and take into account how water and other chemicals react and affect certain materials. The anti-slip surface of bluestone pavers ensures that the material does not get slippery when it is wet.

You can walk around the deck, sit by the pool, and use the coping material to enter and exit the swimming pool safely.

Choose square-edge bluestone pool pavers if you would like to create a contemporary-style deck. You can check the latest pool trends and some exciting décor ideas to choose the best material for paving. While bluestone makes an excellent choice for pool coping, its dark tones absorb heat. So, it might get a little challenging for people to walk barefoot on the bluestone pavers installed in the exteriors.

Bluestone pool coping tiles are available in multiple shapes, patterns and finishes. If you have a rounded pool, then the bullnose bluestone tiles will make a perfect fit for your deck. The L-shape stones are a fantastic choice for most situations. If you’re considering installing natural stones that feature a crisp surface and a uniform edge, then drop-face bluestone tiles can make a great option.

All in all, the best paving pattern for your pool depends on the surrounding environment and personal preference. Some exceptional pool coping tiles featuring unique hues are more expensive than typical stones.

When it comes down to cost, bluestone is generally sold at an affordable price, but if you are looking for a cheap bluestone paver, consider going with Chinese bluestone.

One interesting quality of bluestone is its versatility. Unlike other stones and pavers, bluestone features dark tones that can complement just about any landscape design or architectural structure. The material is available in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and finishes. If you are considering using bluestone pavers, it is best to contact a professional pool designer and discuss the best material for your swimming pool.

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