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Western Australia

Western Australia Bluestone Pavers Transport Depot


With such competitive pricing on our massive tiles and pavers range, our Bluestone Pavers are in demand Australia wide. Because of this, we have formed strong relationships with a variety of transport companies and depots, where we are able to send our stone to for collection. It is important to note that we send stone to these locations on an order to order basis, we do not have displays or stone for viewing.

We can post free samples for those wanting to view the physical stone prior to dispatch.

We also have virtual showroom available for viewing here: Virtual Showroom.

Payments can be made at our office, through internet banking, or over the phone, with ease.

Collection of products here by PREARRANGEMENT ONLY.

Contact the office (03) 9706 9767 to organise.

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By pre-arrangement only!

Available addresses to collection

Perth 31 Carolyn Way, Forrestfield 6058
Bunbury 63 Craige St, Bunbury WA 6230
Geraldton 335 Edwards Rd, Geraldton WA 6530
Albany Unit 24a 230 Chesterpass Rd, Albany WA 6330
Busselton 62- 66 Strelly St, Busselton WA 6280
Karratha Lot 1102 Mooligunn Rd, Karratha WA 6714
Broome 18 McDaniel Rd, Broome WA 6725
Port Hedland  
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